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DentalTest DT 100 – Dental Implant Inspection

The teknics team has developed the DentalTest DT 100, a solution for dental implant manufacturers.

Based on dental abutments, just as the word Dental Test says is a dental implant inspection equipment that allows to detect and inspect defects that cannot be inspected with current machines/visions. The system performs both dimensional and surface control to monitor dimensions and inspect any defects.

The objective: to increase the quality of the product delivered to the end customer and to reduce waste and complaints from the end customer, in this case, the dental implant manufacturer.


The teknics DentalTest is a flexible machine that allows to introduce new products and references quickly and easily, so it has the ability to evolve the machine for future learning and improvements very easily.

In addition, the dental implant inspection system has many advantages over the methods commonly used today, among them:

- Flexibility to work with a wide variety of product families.

- Inspection capability beyond human capacity.

- Inspection process with a single criterion. No fluctuation

- ECO mode available, to set the low consumption when it detects that it is stopped or inactive.

-Ability to work 24 hours continuously

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