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Corporate Social Responsibility

At teknics, we are a group of people concerned about the world around us, a company with a heart that beats to the rhythm of a changing society.

We want to make our contribution to help fulfill the needs of disadvantaged people.

We collaborate with Fundació Tallers (“Workshops Foundation”)

We are excited about being able to collaborate with the Fundació Tallers, an organization that looks after people with a physical or mental disability, contributing to their full social and labour market integration in the society in which we live.

Casa Guadalupe (“Guadalupe House”) and Fundació Reconstruïm (“Let’s Rebuild Foundation”)

Social exclusion is another of the problems that mark the lives of many people around us and, to pass on our small contribution to them, we collaborate with the organization Casa Guadalupe and the foundation Fundació Reconstruïm, which help these people to get new opportunities, so they can progress with their life plans and family projects.

We are concerned about the environment

All industrial activity involves a certain impact on the environment. At teknics, we believe in sustainable and responsible business activity. That is why all our actions are aimed at taking care of our environment, from reducing the consumption of paper by making more responsible use of it to optimizing our machines to minimize energy consumption and making their components more sustainable.