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Quality policy

Quality policy


More often than we think, small details can change the way we live.

For us these details include the passion for what we do, the enthusiasm to learn, the pleasure of working as a team and, above all, putting all this at the service of the customer, knowing that we work to serve people. These are the details that matter to us.

We like to tackle projects that represent a challenge. We know that there are always things left to learn and that motivates us. Being always alert to the development of new technologies allows us to offer the most appropriate solutions for every current and future need.

At teknics we aim to increase the competitiveness of our customers by making their production processes possible or more efficient by applying technology and knowledge.

As a result, our hope is to be not just another supplier but to become a consolidated partner, capable of always offering optimized and quality solutions based on multi-sector experience and customer knowledge.

To make this possible, our activity at teknics is based on 5 pillars:

  1. Customer satisfaction, because we believe that only by achieving higher and better levels of customer satisfaction can we achieve the highest level of profitability for the company.
  2. The satisfaction and motivation of our team. Our people are what we value the most at teknics.
  3. Technological knowledge and innovation, which enables us to always offer the best optimized solutions and guaranteed quality
  4. Rigour and precision in the execution of projects, through a commitment to the development and fulfilment of requirements and continuous improvement of the Quality Management system of the ISO9001 Standard
  5. Economic performance, which is the consequence of a job well done and the fulfilment of the above points, and which at the same time will enable us to continue growing

This policy should serve as a framework for the definition of quality objectives and will be available to all interested parties.

Jordi Bolea,
Managing Director,