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GlassFeeder GF 200 Glass bottle feeder

The teknics team has developed the GlassFeeder, a bottle feeder as a solution for perfume manufacturers.

It has been introduced under the name GlassFeeder, as it works with glass bottles, and has been defined as an intelligent and flexible bottle feeding system developed to improve efficiency and performance for perfume brands/companies. This system offers a wide range of varieties and possibilities, including the option to work with caps.

It is a modular equipment unit that can be easily integrated into the production lines of our Cosmetics customers.


This intelligent glass bottle feeder enables the automatic feeding of multiple bottle references through the advanced Deep Learning intelligence system. From the simplest reference to different geometries, types, colours… allows having a great adaptability to any kind of bottle and geometry to work.

Some of the advantages of the GlassFeeder are:
- Maximum flexibility
- Fast format changes
- Insert the new formats yourself
- Modularity and adaptability

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